NICKS Handmade Boots The Hot Shot [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

NICKS Handmade Boots The Hot Shot [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

NICKS Handmade Boots The Hot Shot [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

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30 thoughts on “NICKS Handmade Boots The Hot Shot [ The Boot Guy Reviews ]

  1. they look like a well made boot but with those heels there is not a hope in hell i could wear them. any logger style boots like this are brutal on my feet. god bless those who can wear them

  2. What are the cons again? Also how do you say Vibram….
    Lastly how do you do a review on a boot that isn't worn in?

  3. I was at there factory today and got me some hot shots in black rough out medium arch and they were very knowledgeable it was fast they just knew what they were doing

  4. Welt? That looks like stitchdown construction. The top layer, looking down at the sole extension will be the turned out vamp, not a welt. I believe Nicks offers a hand welted option, at extra cost, but the majority of their boots are not welted.

  5. the tongue was done incorrectly, supposed to pinch it in the middle and fold it over to the side.

  6. I have had my Nicks boots for 6 to 8 months now. I am not that impressed. They really are not any more comfortable than some 150 to 200 dollar boots I have bought. The one thing they have going for them is they wear like iron. For a 560 dollar pair of boots I would expect more.
    my kenetrek hunting boots are 100% more comfortable but I didn’t know they made work boots till now. I will be ditching the nearly 600 dollar Nicks for them soon. Don’t waste your money on nicks.

  7. I had Nick's, worn them on hotshot crew last season. Not to impressed. My Hawthorne's lasted longer

  8. I'm a local truck driver here in south Carolina. I need a waterproof, steel toe boot. For weather conditions and to walk through manufacturing facilities. I do a LOT of walking. I have been wearing Hytest steel toe waterproof hiker, 6" boot. But, they (soles) wear out in 6-8 months. And some times the stitching comes undone behind the toe. Stumbled across these Nick boots and I'm considering investing in a pair. Do you think they will work for what I do? And what I need them for?

  9. Why do you lace one string all the way up then the other instead of one then the other? Reminds me of the the old All in the Family episode where Mike (Meathead) was putting on his socks and boots…he put on one sock and then one boot, and Archie said he was doing it wrong…you should put on both socks and then both boots.

  10. Could you do a review on the mavericks! They are real slick; I got my sight on a pair myself.

  11. I was all for getting a pair of these, until I saw 5 of Cody’s videos on their website. Really makes me wonder the biased opinion of these boots.

  12. Those translucent white legs are really what this video is about. The boots are just there for accentuation!

  13. I hope you had to pay for those your hand motions and hamfisted beard ruined a great pair of boots

  14. Not doubting the class of these boots, all I'll say is Bill The Butcher from Gangs of New York!
    They have a real victorian 'ness about them.
    Wish my country (England) had huge swathes of forest and woodland compared to the states, I'd drop everything to work in the woods

  15. I know Nick's along with Wesco, and White's are truly among THE best made boots on the planet, but that arch and high heel looks like a woman's boot. I know they are made for loggers, fireman, linesmen, etc, but they look like something a Goth chick or the motorcycle guy from the Village People would wear.

  16. I’ve owned nicks and whites.
    Nicks over all much better boot hands down .
    Break in is a pain but well worth it.
    If you take care of them they will last at least 10 years .

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