My Handmade Grimoire

My Handmade Grimoire

This is a video of my grimoire that I made. I will make periodic updates once I have worked on the pages some.

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22 thoughts on “My Handmade Grimoire

  1. This probably is the nicest looking and well made grimoire/journal that I have seen on youtube. You have incorporated a lot of nice touches and the over all look is so well done. It has a nice clean simple style with interesting papers. I agree with other commenters here. You have a talent for this and could sell your journals easily I think because they are so well made. Brava!

  2. Looks good – and not saying you were wrong with leaving the back of the scrapbook paper white, but I personally would stain them with tea or coffee, just for a consistent look

  3. Looks amazing! I think when I make mine, I'd like to have elastic bands for the option of adding more booklets instead of sewing in signatures. Ahhh, you've given me so many ideas!

  4. I know it's been a while since you posted this, but your book is gorgeous! Can you please tell me how big it is?

  5. I like how you used all the different papers and they looked tea tied, very nice job, I subscribed to your channel I like your channel very much I hope you will check out mine and sub it back if so inclined

  6. lovely book! thank you for sharing. ithis inspires me to get started online

  7. Awesome! I like the direction you took your Grimoire. It's unique & not one of those that tries to look like some ancient Book Of The Shadows movie prop, lol. Nothing wrong with those which I do think they look cool in movies like the Evil Dead, but for a personal Grimoire it should be all from you & your own style which yours has. Good job!

    Also, whoever dislikes other peoples projects I find so rude, but hey haters gonna hate right? lol. I got my very own who don't like my crafts, but I love em. (:

  8. The variety of papers you used for each of the signatures is gorgeous. Love your various storage strategies too. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your channel!

  9. This is gorgeous. You really should consider selling them on Etsy. It is very well made. You have a natural talent for this.

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