My First Handmade Knife

My First Handmade Knife

This was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve made. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m over the moon with how it turned out! I can’t wait to make another.

The kit was great and perfect to try out the new forge and my first step into the world of knife making. I got it from here

The inspiration for the bevel filing jig and sanding block was from Gough Custom, his channel is very helpful for the new knife maker. Here’s the links

Bevel jig:

Sanding Block:

I also got inspiration for the design of the knife by looking at patterns at
That site is full of good stuff!

As always I’m happy to answer any questions.

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46 thoughts on “My First Handmade Knife

  1. I love the dark wood leading edges on the handle…maybe you should make more mistakes! Greetings from the UK.


  3. Worth watching twice and liking a dozen times, if only for the bevel jig. Amazing product, be proud of it!!

  4. Epic vid, Pask! What's the bearing used to control the file? Brilliant idea. I imagine it'll cut down the wear as opposed to using another bolt. Thanks!

  5. "could be worse" . I knew you would make a nice knife. you have a really good mind for building.

  6. Love your changes to Gough's filing jig. What'd you use for the bearing? That's exactly what mine is missing — I've tried other stops on it, but I like your method. Great idea.

  7. 1:30 in and I mean I don't know much about tools and stuff but you are holding the metal with no gloves on a belt sander. The metal is clearly sharp you should definitely be wearing gloves if you slip you would slice your finger.

  8. The forge and that knife are perfectly made, just as always, Neil.

    Thanks for sharing the vid, I hope you'll keep going with creating things and spreading the word out.

  9. Pask, I would would watch a video of you making macaroni and cheese. These videos are so well done.

  10. VERY NICE knife!
    I've never made one from a kit. Right now, I'm working on a knife for myself made from a lawn mower blade! It's coming along nocely and I tried to sharpen it just to see if I got the heat treat and temper right. THAT THING SHAVE LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS! WOW!
    I have added a quarter inch thick brass guard and the scales are Acacia Willow. My eldest daughter who died in a car wreck in 1996 was named Acacia so, I thought the scales made from that wood would be good.
    It's a modified Bowie style blade with a 9 inch length plus the handle! I peened the whole blade to give it a more hand made look and it is just what I wanted! The next knife will be a hefty Kukuri made from a 5/16" leaf spring!
    Best wishes! Keep up the good work!

  11. Happy accidents work. Love the contrast in the two woods. Great job. Now ditch the kits and make one on your own.

  12. I was going to say the same thing that little mistake with a handle really made the difference in with that different colored wood that's a very very nice job congratulations

  13. Excellent build, your very talented and entertaining to watch! I will be subscribing for sure 👍😀

  14. I say one helluva nice job on your first knife Pask….you might just be in the wrong business my friend.

  15. Very nice project – the finish really makes the grain pop! But is it sharp enough to shave your arm hair? (Blame Jimmy DiResta for that).

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