Mosaic art – Beautiful handmade mosaic tiles

Mosaic art – Beautiful handmade mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles are beautiful to look at, but hard to make. Handmade mosaic tiles are even harder to make. In this video you will se the process of making handmade mosaic tiles.

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23 thoughts on “Mosaic art – Beautiful handmade mosaic tiles

  1. Why not just design a precisely measured mold? Instead of built blocks of it, but to be hammered by hand later.

  2. Why are u guys doing this, u can form diffrent shapes before cooking the tiles and after that u can puzzle easy and u dont need to carve instead u just need to arrange

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  4. view our art tile on Google Drive :

  5. I too salute the workers, and yet I can't help but wonder if they are paid well for their services…

  6. And then they sell them to Home Depot and Lowes for mere pennies and we pay an arm and a leg for them!

  7. Astonishing work! So amazing. I would probably end up chopping off one of my fingers trying to do this lol

  8. This was beautiful. I salute these talented and hardworking individuals for the mastery and craftsmanship. Wonderful work. I applaud you.

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