Mixed Media Morsels 14 – Easy Handmade Borders

Mixed Media Morsels 14 – Easy Handmade Borders

cat hand-https://youtu.be/ZXIyHoub04Q

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11 thoughts on “Mixed Media Morsels 14 – Easy Handmade Borders

  1. Hi Kelly,,,,,,, love your boarder I did the same one different print of course but same shape on my page today so really enjoyed watching you today, do the same, you are right when you get stuck at times something as easy as this makes things so much more easier, to just not think too much on what to make and craft, your color I really like a lot on this piece

  2. hey Kelly, Do you like those paints? Also, How do you make your stencils? I have been wanting to try them but they are so expensive! I have been in a bit of a rut lately! Think Fibro has been getting the best of me! I go through magazines and have forgotten about things too lately so I am trying to get everything organized so I can find things easier now! I have been thinking about putting all my cutouts in a 3-ring binder or something like that and file them so that I can see what I have and find things easier! I had cut out a bunch of letters and already sorted them out into small baggies so now they are easier to find. Here is the link to the video to show you.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIITSvmGJW4
    Love ya and have a very blessed day.. Oh and great video too 🙂

  3. I did borders like these on a video a couple months ago, except I used Gelli prints, but it was my #1 most popular video ever! Ppl like the borders lol

  4. Lol! You are so fun to watch! Love, love your improv tunes that make me laugh. I'm always inspired in some way by your art and good humorh. I think your a brave and talented woman. Yay for you!

  5. i have been getting tons of free(to me) magazines. they are the vogue ones,and all those 15.00 mags. but,hey,i now have to do something with them!

  6. i have a ton and i do mean boxes,and boxes of magazines to do collage,and havnt touch not one of them.im such a horder! lol

  7. Hello Sweet Kelly & You Know, Sister of My Heart I LOVE YOU More :)…Cool Kid ?!? Sweetie You Invented The Word Cool !!!! You Know one can't become Cool; You are just Born that way 🙂
    You Collage All the time; Everyone has their Own Style, Some like to Piece objects together to create a Scene…some like to just paste Random fun pieces together just because; Some Tear, Some Cut, Just do what makes you Happiest. Like you I never follow the Rules, you are Unique, inventive, and One Hell of an Artists…You can express with one Painting what others try to find in a Magazine picture…and it's All Good. That's why we Love Mixed Media it encompasses it ALL….
    Bonus You are an AWESOME Teacher & Friend…Just Breath Dear Heart and Be Yourself…
    I Love You a very BIG Much XOXOXOXOXO

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