Marina (and the Diamonds)  – Handmade Heaven |REACTION|

Marina (and the Diamonds) – Handmade Heaven |REACTION|

After a 4 year hiatus from music, Marina formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds released her first single “Handmade Heaven” from an upcoming album. Did she snatch out wigs and send it to the orbit? Let’s find out together!
Let’s just say

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36 thoughts on “Marina (and the Diamonds) – Handmade Heaven |REACTION|

  1. By far this is her best song from the new era, the other sound not so very special for me. 🙁

  2. Pls react to Marina's new video orange trees it was recorded in México plss do it!!! It's beautiful

  3. AJ I really appreciate you, and I like the way you empathize with every lyric. Thank you, and please when you find some time react also to Superstar from her. ❤

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