Marble Hand Painted Nail Art

Marble Hand Painted Nail Art

Suzie experiments with creating a Marble Nail Design, using Gel Polish, and Brush. This seems to be an easy design, but actually can be a little tricky to master the technique.

Products Used in this Video:

Pink Diamonds Details Nail Brush
Exclusive Nail Couture

Ugly Duckling Gel Polish White #44, Black #43, Grey #13
Ugly Duckling UV Top Coat

Glow LED Nail Dryer by VANITY PLANET
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24 thoughts on “Marble Hand Painted Nail Art

  1. The cameraman has awesome points and suggestions!
    Pretty nails 💜 – I think the use of the alcohol gives it a really nice and realistic effect

  2. This is sooooo well produced omg
    Like actually a tv show or smth
    Very nice job
    Like the nails ❤️

  3. Hi Suzie. Beautiful nails. Can you please post all products on the other hand that you used please.

  4. Love ur nails Suzie, I've been an acrylic nail fan for about 30 years, still waiting for the girls at my salon, to give me a set of marble nails, and i the pin hand, beautiful shade of pink

  5. I use blooming gel and I do lightning, veins and giggle my brush to do marble nails and marbling in some gliter adds so much to the design.

  6. thanks Suzie once again you have showed me how to do something that looks hard but was easy with you showing me . By the way i just put a little of gold gel next to the black run in parts and that came out looking awesome .Keep it up love your youtube .

  7. i really love how real this is, its all about trial & error and practice, practice, practice ! and i love the cameraman talking too lol

  8. Really liking it. Looks more like marble on the thumb after adding alcohol to the brush and going back on there. Instead of the black you could do the purple grey as well. That grey would work well with the black but only as the shadows (the same effect happens by adding alcohol to the brush with the black already on it though)

  9. try using a sharpie and the alcool prep nails make the lines with your sharpie and then take the same small brush pass it in a little bit of alcool and then on your shapir lines

  10. Marble is hard. I did a tabletop once, and it was almost effortless, — must have been beginner’s luck. I looked at a lot of marble first and then just dove in. I felt like an instant expert, at least of green over black. It turned out really well. It’s about layers though. And it helps to have a feather, because feathering in a kind of juddering straight line way gives you the right sort of lines. The brush tends to make the lines too “drawn”. and too curvy. I can see you doing several layers, with some of the lines slightly buffed out, partially erased. Some faint pink added, and some glittery parts. some lines that are like quartz… you just need more depth here, and more layers. these did look as bit like cracked nails… lol, but I love that you showed the process, and you went for it.

  11. I just love you, you're so adorable! thank u for staying up to date with the trends since I do my own nails I too struggle with the marble design and am also a perfectionist which makes it difficult for me as well! thank you for the walk thru details-theyre so very helpful and appreciated!

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