Man Spent 17 Years Building a Lamborghini in Basement

Man Spent 17 Years Building a Lamborghini in Basement

Ken Imhoff spent 17 years building his dream car a Lamborghini Countach in his basement, after falling in love with the Black Lamborghini from the movie Cannonball Run.

It took him 17 Years to build a Lamborghini from scratch in his basement with his own 2 hands.

Ken refers to the Lamborghini on his website as “Bull in the Basement” but is also known as the “Basement Lambo”

Car Build Cost (Confimed by Ken Imhoff) = $65,000 US Dollars
Car Sold (unconfirmed) = $89,000 US Dollars

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Here are the specs for the Lamborghini:

♦ All hand formed aluminum body weighing 2400 lbs, representing a euro spec 1982 Countach LP5000S
♦ All steel tube space frame similar to the original
♦ Ford Cleveland Boss 351 (514hp@ 6800rpm) with a Probe 377C.I. stroker kit
♦ Forged 11.75 comp. pistons H-beam rods
♦ .630 lift roller cam and Milodon gear drive
♦ Crower pushrods and S.S. roller rockers with S.S. HiFlow manley valves
♦ Ported and polished heads and Hall Pantera Weber manifold
♦ 48 IDA downdraft Webers built by Inglesse
♦ Canton 10 qt. trap-door road racing pan and oil cooler
♦ ZF 5 speed transaxle with (4:10 gear)
♦ 15lb. aluminum flywheel
♦ MSD box and billet dist.
♦ Tires rear Hooiser 25.0×13.0x16 front 23.5×12.0x16 slicks
♦ Wheels custom BBS rim shells with hand made center sections. 12×16 rear 10×16 front
♦ Brakes Wilwood Suprelite 4 piston calipers and 12″x1.25″ vented rotors and aluminum hats
♦ Exhaust handmade 180deg. 2″ S.S. headers, 3.5″ collectors, 12″ long x 3.5″ racing muffers.
♦ Wilwood racing pedals/master cylinders/hyd. clutch
♦ Pantera ZF 5-speed, Hyd clutch, alum flywheel, bell housing, and shifter- Twin Howe sprintcar aluminum radiators with 2400cfm puller fans, Oil cooler with twin remote race filters
♦ Performance untested weight 2700lbs.- 15 gal. fuel cell, electric fuel pump, and sending unit
♦ Top Speed confirmed by Ken = 140mph
♦ Real Lambo Parts : tailights, parking lights, windshield, speed glass side windows, badges, fiberglass wing, wheel arches, and chin spoiler
♦ A competition style interior, MOMO seats, 5 point harness, splined steering wheel, 5 lb. Halon fire bottle, all anodized aluminum interior panels with heat and sound barrier rear bulkhead with removable access panel between seats


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28 thoughts on “Man Spent 17 Years Building a Lamborghini in Basement


    NOTE: Before you judge Ken for selling his car, understand he built it over 17 years and had a lot of family issues in that time, money, health, alcohol, depression, wife separation etc, he wanted to sell the car as it was a reminder of a bad time in his life.
    He spent more time & money on the car than with his family causing a lot of problems in his marriage & life. He says on his website "The car now is a physical reminder of what I have done, and I can’t bare to lay eyes on it."

    1) Is the car frame made out of wood – No that was the Jig to form the body panels off, the frame is tubular steel.

    2) Why waste 17 years of your life, just get another job and buy the car – Because it was his passion & hobby, we all have hobbies we waste time & money on.

    3) Why didn't you build it in the garage, so you did not destroy your basement wall – I covered this in the video, they have cold winters and he would freeze in the garage, but in the basement it is warm.

    4) Why sell your dream car after building it for 17 years – does no one listen to the video!!! he said it was a constant reminder of a bad time in his life ( read above)

    5) You say Aluminium, it's pronounced Aluminum – American think they are center of the universe, amazingly enough Americans are not the only people who have their own spelling & pronunciation of that word. Welcome to an Australian Channel.

  2. That Lambo looks sick. If it's perfectly shaped after the original, then it must be the combination of the color and wheels.

  3. Building a Lambourgini from scratch is a little bit out there for a project. Building it in a basement where you need to destroy your own property to get it out was a step backwards. Amazing feat neutralized by an equally amazing blunder.

  4. Spend 1 year to build a house , spend 17 years to build a car , then spend 1 week to drop half the house to get the car out 😂😂

  5. So he destroys his entire life for this dream car and then sells it because it ruined his life. Imagine if he had used that time and money towards investments in his family and future instead of a hobby. A good life lesson we can all learn from.

  6. You would think someone smart enough to build a car would be smart enough not to build it in his basement.

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