Making and Cutting of Sweet Rose Handmade Soap

Making and Cutting of Sweet Rose Handmade Soap

Extended Version: The Making and Cutting of Sweet Rose, a Cold Process Soap – Handmade in Florida. If you’re interested in seeing the cutting only, forward to 3:05.

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Handmade in Florida

29 thoughts on “Making and Cutting of Sweet Rose Handmade Soap

  1. Love this. Can you tell me the recipe of your oils & lye. I am a newbie and would like to give it a whirl

  2. You're a great artist!!! I enjoy every video of yr soap with prehumance and ecstasy! Thank you very much for yr sharing!

  3. Hola, muy bueno tu video, es hermoso tu jabón , trató de entender porque no sé inglés, pero por favor, me puedes compartir la receta para hacer este jabón y decirme como se guardan para el proceso de maduración ?

  4. Very beautiful. And that angle cut you make at the edges of every bar… So important!!!

  5. I love it! I want to try to make soap but I need to know what base to use. Would gliserin soap work? Or is there something other than that I can use?Please respond. Thank you in advance.

  6. Wow! You're totally an artist, the way how you improvised it was fabulous. You really inspire me to make my own handmade soaps. Thanks!!

  7. Your soaps are Amazingly Beautiful! I subscribe a while back and then didn't make any soap for awhile. Now I am read to start swirling. Can you tell me what kind of mold you use and what colors you used? Those are beautiful and I have no idea where to get a green like that? ( I am also looking for a true red) I am truly amazed at your talent and others. Thank you for sharing, THUMBS UP and keep showing us please. You have me excited to start making soap again, lol..thank you..V

  8. You are sooooo  talented I just hope to be able to make a bar that even looks similar to this bar thank you for letting us newbees see a masterpiece that this done step by step so nicely.

  9. Every time a beautiful soap video catches my eye, it has been created by Handmade in Florida. Your soaps are absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, stylish, and I could go on and on…. I love your soaps! I am fairly new to making soap, so thanks so much for these videos as I refer to them over and over.

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