Making A Handmade Leather Wallet

Making A Handmade Leather Wallet

This week, I made a leather wallet. It’s the first one I do like this, and I made a few mistakes in the order of the steps, but in the end, I think it turned out pretty well.

I used 6 and 3oz vegetable tanned leather. The “Smith” was laser engraved at my local maker space, but unfortunately, I lost the footage when my old camera died.

I hope you’ll like the video.

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Thanks for watching!

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39 thoughts on “Making A Handmade Leather Wallet

  1. Love the built-in snap pocket.
    I should try making one for myself as I can never find the perfect wallet. This design of yours is closest to the wallet of my dreams 👍

  2. Salut. Super chouette ce porte feuille et merci de cette vidéo bien sympa.
    Ce serai possible d’avoir le patron par hasard ? J’aimerai m’y essayer ça m’a donné envie 🙂
    Merci à toi 🤘

  3. Мені цікаво, скільки ви матеріалу зіпсували коли тільки починали свою справу?
    Я практикуюсь робити гаманці , але щось не завжди виходить .
    Дякую за відео, дуже сподобалось.

  4. Работа класс! Моделька не очень. Пустой уже как с миллионом 🙂

  5. Ciao …scusami ma che tipo di cuoio utilizzi? Crosta di cuoio? Lo vedo abbastanza rigido …..
    Cmq un'ottimo lavoro….

  6. Super boulot Red ! Petite question, qu'est-ce que c'est l’espèce de crème blanche que vous mettez sur la tranche à 6:40 ? Je voudrais me lancer dans le travail du cuir et je n'arrive pas a savoir ce que c'est… Merci !

  7. That was so amazing. Im truly inspired. I was thinking about doing a diy wallet for my boyfriend but I have never used leather for crafts before. Is there any chance I get a list of what you used and what materials you need? Would be very happy if I would get an answer!

  8. Здраствуй Red!Благодарю за видео.Учусь на твоих работах.Не ошибается только тот кто ни хрена не делает 🙂 Старинная русская пословица.

  9. FELICITACIONES , Muy hermosa y prolija la billetera.
    Podría conseguir si es tan amable las medidas o molde de la billetera para hombre. Gracias.

  10. Wonderful job! Only in finish I see RS (Redsmith)… Me too RS. Please, come sale this product, beautiful wallet here in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. God bless you.

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