Il Corvo's $9 Handmade Pasta Lunch Has Lines Forming Down The Block — Dining on a Dime

Il Corvo's $9 Handmade Pasta Lunch Has Lines Forming Down The Block — Dining on a Dime

This week on Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson heads to the Pioneer Square to Il Corvo, the weekday- and lunchtime-only pasta shop that the locals line up for and the critics (including Eater’s Bill Addison) love.

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24 thoughts on “Il Corvo's $9 Handmade Pasta Lunch Has Lines Forming Down The Block — Dining on a Dime

  1. How to make the handmade pasta! Our recipe! Try it!😊😊😋

  2. Bread crumb has been approved on pasta pal. Poor people in Italy couldn’t afford cheese on their pasta so they used bread crumb.

  3. I wish eater made a book of all these locations! so i can make road trips or vacations to hit as many of these little gems these host visit.

  4. The commentary is really really good. I feel bad that he had to eat the pasta s after all the sauces have dried out though. It must have been difficult to narrate.

  5. If you want to make your restaurant hot, step one is to maintain very limited hours.
    Ideally, you're only open between 3-4 pm on the second Wednesday each month for maximum foodie/hipster attraction.

    Step two is to serve moderately decent food. Because of your hours, you can serve two-star food and patrons will immediately give it another star or two because of exclusivity.

    The craft beer world operates famously on this principle. If it's a limited release, it becomes 10% better. If it's a one-off, make that 20%. If you can only get bottles or cans at the brewery, add 30%. If it's a once a year, only at the brewery beer associated with an event where you're limited in how much you can purchase, it's basically a perfect score.

    People give a lot of weight towards feeling special.

  6. "are you from the area?" What kind of question is that? Just look at her. Of course she's from the area.

  7. new to ur channel lovely content. great personality and knowledgeable about not just food but about cooking as well. Bravo

  8. I was there about 2 months ago, someone took me there but I did not know that this place is that special. No doubt their Pesto pasta was one of the best that I ever had!

  9. Love the spoken descriptions but unfortunately it probably meant that Lucas didn't eat the pasta at its prime condition with the dishes sitting there for a few minutes. I always wonder that about food shows – after taping and taking photos and narrating, the food is probably getting cold. With pasta that isn't ideal. Sacrifice for the sake of these videos that we enjoy!

  10. Seattle, hipster capital of the world. Only open for lunch on weekdays? Either they're charging ridiculous money for that pasta, or it's nothing more than a front for a drug distribution center.

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