How to use Washi Tape in your handmade cards

How to use Washi Tape in your handmade cards

Check out several different ways to use Washi Tape in card making! 2 complete cards shown with additional samples shown. See all the details on my blog post with photos and supply lists with links to purchase through my online store (Rewards program included!!):

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31 thoughts on “How to use Washi Tape in your handmade cards

  1. Great cards! Did you emboss the first yellow card with the polka dot folder after you had stamped and put washi tape , wink of stella on it? Thank you

  2. Thank you for this video ! I have a few washi tapes but haven't used them much… You've really inspired me on using my washi…. 🙂

  3. Is this Stampin Up? Products? How did you add the “hello” to your 1st Card!? I enjoyed your video! Ty.

  4. check out these handmade cards

  5. Wow! Washi rocks! I have nit been using my washi to its full potential. I love all the cards. I'm going to washi all my cards love it! Awesome video 😍💕

  6. Thanks for making this video! I had no idea how to use washi tape, but these are great. One question, for you trim the second card freehand with scissors or use the cutting board?

  7. I'm new so don't laugh but what is this ink spritz magic you just performed lol? I have never seen this. I mean I get the idea but what markers, what pressure. How do you do the voodoo you do? Beautiful cards. Love, Love, Love them. Thank you for sharing. I really liked the idea of the washi on vellum for a shaker too. Great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. lol…I'm guessing you're talking about Mr Bertucci and his obsession with dimentionals? How your videos btw💕

  9. Great video thanks for the tutorial and terrific ideas. What is that that you were using to spritz? (looked like a marker)

  10. Love your channel. I have lots of washi tape but had a hard time getting them started. I took a sheet of acetate or any clear non sticky material would work and my Modern Label Punch (any long thin punch would work) and cut a bunch of the labels. I then cut them in half and placed one on the end of the tape, cut side in. You can leave as much of the tab out as you want. They are always ready to use. Thanks for all your videos!

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