How to Mold and Attach a Sole to Handmade Shoes

How to Mold and Attach a Sole to Handmade Shoes

How to Mold and Attach a Sole to Handmade Shoes. A video tutorial on how to attach a rubber sole to handmade shoes. Learn how to mold a sole to your foot and glue the sole on to a handmade soft soled shoe. This video is produced by Living DIY Style. Living DIY Style specializes in new and innovative ways to make shoes at home. We also provide many different sewing patterns and tutorials for babies, children, and women on our website:

Oxford shoe pattern available here:

Moldable Soling Available for purchase:

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Cheri Paxton

29 thoughts on “How to Mold and Attach a Sole to Handmade Shoes

  1. Hi Cheri
    Is it possible do that with Rubber tires sole?
    I'm trying to bond upper (fabric, denim) with sole (Rubber tires). Could you, please, help me what kind of glue should I use to do it perfectly?

  2. This is amazing. I paid a ton of money for just the insole to insert into my shoe. This is so easy and honestly, who knew? This is genius, thank you!

  3. Clamshell Scissors
    AB522 from Lee Valley catalog, cut those plastic shrink-wrap anti-theft packages. The blades have an angle from the handles. They run about 7.50 US and they are wonderful for cutting leather, rubber–anything!

  4. So HERES a question How can a person make MILSPEC boots and attach the solew…the upper is already figured out I just want to attach a heavy cleated durable sole…The endgame is to use my skills as a sculptor to make Reebok "Bugstomper" "Combat"
    boots using molded strapping to accentuate the SC Fi ness of the idea.

  5. I don't know how I stumbled upon your page, but I'm so glad I did. I cannot find a pair of shoes that fit or feel right to save my life. I've bought leather, cutters, and other stuff to make them…but could not find a way to make a proper sole. I told a friend I was going to make my own shoes, she said…"Pshhhh, yeah right". I'll show her now. Thank you so much…!

  6. Oh wow, I would love to try and make barefoot shoes like that with the moldable sole. Is anything like that for sale in holland/europe you think? It costs 49 to get it shipped to my country from e-bay.

  7. I can only find Sole Tech rubber soles on amazon, it says that I can mold those too. Have you hear of or used this brand of sole? And if so, does it work?

  8. Do you think it possible to make some shoes for cosplay using this method? Also is possible you can make a shoe with a heel on it?

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