How to make handmade paper at home by Vintage Paper Co

How to make handmade paper at home by Vintage Paper Co

Easy to follow instructions on how to make paper at home with basic tools and materials.

Vintage Paper Co have made watercolor type paper with cotton fiber and we show you how to do this in a photo montage film.

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20 thoughts on “How to make handmade paper at home by Vintage Paper Co

  1. Am I right in assuming that if I am using recycled paper i.e. computer paper or envelopes etc that is meant to write on that the sizing already in that paper will be dissolved in the process and be part of the new paper? No need to add more sizing unless experiments show otherwise?

  2. Can handmade paper be folded crisply to make the following project. Thanks and thanks for the great video.

  3. I am curious about the paper weight, and how different paper thickness are achieved (you know, different g/m2). What if someone wants thin paper? Does more pressing of the paper (when it's wet) makes it thinner?

  4. thank you for taking the time to make this video. i liked it, & appreciate it. (& i laughed a few times…. especially at the shoes by merrell part. lol)

  5. I liked the quirkiness of the video in question, I found it very clear and easy to follow and amply showed just how easy it would be to make your own paper at home.
    As to young idiots who hide behind their keyboards to diss others work, well that is all they are.

  6. This is by far the least professional and least personal video I have ever seen. Most individuals do not want to read while watching what another individual is doing. This sucked ass.

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