How to Make a Hand Made Bow

How to Make a Hand Made Bow

Mike shows you how he made his very first hand made bow.

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19 thoughts on “How to Make a Hand Made Bow

  1. hey i looked this up and could find no good wood i your country to make a good bow sorry thanks for watching.

  2. looks like fun, do you know how one would make the Bowstring while in a survival situation? I've this has caught my eye because I've got a large access to Hedge wood and power tools like a planer and a table saw and know that people would like a old fashioned bow for decor and hunting.

  3. Hey great video! I hope your Osage grows into a fine strong tree. Thanks for the videos!

  4. @danthman114 hey you could glue a peice of bambo to it if you want to that would keep it from snapping and im glad your doing it so if you ever get in a survival situation you wont be in the dark .


  5. @4micaman oh yes i know and you dint have to remove your comment thats how we learn have a great day .


  6. @4micaman hey no problem i made this vid for one of my fans because he asked me to .
    i said it was my first im not a pro with a bow but i can learn so keep on watching .

    and have a nice day.

  7. @danthman114 I am glad you were able to find it! Like me on Facebook and let me know how things to with your bow!

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