How Handmade Fishing Lures are Crafted

How Handmade Fishing Lures are Crafted

Handcrafting fishing lures that look like real-life insects, birds, and small animals is hard, painstaking work. But Pat Cohen has made a career of taking deer hair and peacock feathers and turning them into fishing magic.

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23 thoughts on “How Handmade Fishing Lures are Crafted

  1. Wow, another hipster business of overpriced unnecessarily complicated ordinary things.
    The disgusting side of capitalism.

  2. This is the best made videos I've seen in a long time. I want to learn how to fly fish after watching this. What a beautiful video.

  3. Hipster dork trying to capitalize on Grandad's hobby. Spend money on goofy artisinal "flies" if you want, but a trout isn't picky; it will strike at bits of baloney, pizza crust, tin foil …anything.

  4. Remind me that if I need to be motivated for some reason, I must call you. You convinced me to go phishing XD

  5. Millenial and non-English and JOKESTER comments😝😝😝
    i enjoyed vid …as i had fishermen in my life.
    The Comments sec brought me back to Big City Stupidity😈😒😈🚦🎄

  6. I've always wondered how guys made those fancy fishing lures and what it took to make one. So damn sick! I'm highly interested now.

  7. Aren't strong bright colours considered as a warning to predators of poison in nature? Why would a fish attack such a bait?

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