Hindi Zahra – Handmade (2011)

Hindi Zahra – Handmade (2011)

Colour: Rame [Copper] _____ REVIEW OVERVIEW 8

Comment which is your “Favorite Track”. noHiPSTER’s favorite is – 22:04 – 07. “Imik Si Mik”

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Hindi Zahra – Handmade (2011)

Poltroncina, tazzone di caffè all’americana, chiacchieratina con qualcuno, magari un bel sole, pomeriggio da accompagnare, mixate il tutto con quest’album, e passerete 40 minuti davvero niente male!

00:00 – 01. Beautiful Tango
03:56 – 02. Oursoul
07:13 – 03. Fascination
10:51 – 04. Set Me Free
14:54 – 05. Kiss & Thrills
18:42 – 06. At The Same Time
22:04 – 07. Imik Si Mik
25:57 – 08. Music
29:44 – 09. Stand Up
34:24 – 10. Don’t Forget
38:09 – 11. Old Friends

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38 thoughts on “Hindi Zahra – Handmade (2011)

  1. Wow! I'm so sorry I didn't hear about Hindi Zahra before. Would've love to play percussion for her anywhere anytime…..

  2. Now this one is cool. I guess she has a contract with Blue Note and a Robert Glasper collaboration as well.

  3. I love your music. You have a very unique way to make music. I see the same energy in it as in mine even tho the styles are very different. Thank You, great artwork

  4. thanks to all the females who dont use their sexuality to bradcast their talent. Bless you, darling. Have my admiration from the south of Spain

  5. Enfin enfin j'ai le titre de cette chanson que je chantonne depuis 2 ans sans la connaître.
    Bravo !! Magnifique

  6. Why does the album sound a little SLOW ??? I don't have a copy this slow, it's a bit faster, especially "Music."

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