Handmade Wire Hook Clasp for Cord Necklace

Handmade Wire Hook Clasp for Cord Necklace

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25 thoughts on “Handmade Wire Hook Clasp for Cord Necklace

  1. So happy that I found your video! It is a great help. Constantly buying little packs of cord ends, sometimes mixed with sizes you never use, is a pain. Now I can make my own either silver or gold. (It seems gold findings are hard to find as stores in my area mostly stock silver colored findings.) Thanks again, this is a great help!

  2. Having watched your tutorial, I didn't recall how much you say the length of wire is needed to complete each part, as in how many inches or centimetres you started with. I believe this factor would help any beginner like myself!

  3. Wow… that looks really great! 👍 I think I could even manage that. Thanks for the lesson! 😀 Btw, what random things could be substituted for that type cord? Lace? Boot/shoe laces? Thanks! ☺

  4. Thank you so much for all you do. I am new to wire wrapping and working to get all the parts down. So, I’m trying to figure out what kinds of cords are best for using with the heavy pendants. I live near Phoenix so it gets very hot and quite sweaty nearly 8 months of the year so I am sensitive to what happens to leather types of cord. Plus, I need to keep my cost down as I am just starting out and sales are not up yet. Can you make some suggestions about types of cording that will hold up well with constant use in a hot, sweaty climate, that are thick enough to look great and wear well with wire wrapped Cabochons, will take well to this kind of homemade clasp you show us here, yet look great?

  5. WONDERFUL! You Saved me money! Thank you so much for this video. I was going to purchase the crimped ends!! NOT! You're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. couldn't you start with the wrapped loop then start wrapping on the mandrel? seems like you could get it centered better that way?

  7. I have 1mm leather cord. I want to make bracelets with multiple cords. I have not been able to wrap them together nicely do you have any ideas or help on this? Any help would be much appreciate.

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