Handmade white gold ring 18KT

Handmade white gold ring 18KT

Handmade white gold ring 18KT, simple to made.
In this project is made smooth, but it can be adorn with custom engravings.

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46 thoughts on “Handmade white gold ring 18KT

  1. Is this ring unisex? If not,can you do one instead of oval, square for men? And simple like this one? Thank you again😊.

  2. Nice work, I really like it. For your information you can set a direct link to your website directly from the description area of your videos. regards

  3. what is the differences between 18k white gold and 9k white gold? should i go for 18k for everyday use? over the year wearing it without re-rhodium plating it, what is the best choices?

  4. what is the sanding rod thing you use in your rotary tool at 5:33? did you make it or can I buy one someplace?

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