Handmade Watercolor Palette I Bought on Etsy!

Handmade Watercolor Palette I Bought on Etsy!

Yes!! Dipping my toes into the handmade watercolor palette world 😀

Happy Birthday Watercolor Palette by Rachel Beth

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Go show her some love! I admire her work!!
This is not a sponsor video, I was just pining over her palette and wanted to share them with you 😀


Color swatches made on Fluid Watercolor Hot Press Block

Illustration painted on Canson Watercolor Art Boards https://amzn.to/2GgLQnZ

Pentel Aquash Waterbrush Pen Fine http://amzn.to/2rXQVcZ
Kuretake Fude Water Brush Small https://amzn.to/2I5th6W
Prisma Col-Erase Pencils 24 Pack http://amzn.to/1ysN8p9


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Juicy Ink

50 thoughts on “Handmade Watercolor Palette I Bought on Etsy!

  1. Oh myyy your voice was made for ASMR! Really! So calming, soft and lovely to listen to! It's even more beautiful in combination with watercolors
    I must subscribe!

  2. 24 bucks for 4 tiny pans and one of them is almost halfway in only 1 illustration … ouch.
    Definitely more of a gimic/novelty than a 'must have'.

  3. I love Rachel Beth watercolors, and have quite a few now. She does do such an amazing job with packaging!

  4. These look so sweet! I’m not too keen on the the scented side but I think this set looks charming

  5. I just came across this cahnnel but I use a oui yogurt container for my watercolor water too! Lol. But mine was plain flavor lol.

  6. This is really cool but I wouldn’t personally spend $24 dollars for a tiny 4 pan, but it is very very cute tho

  7. 24$ is a bit steep for the color range and for how short a time you would be able to use them….plus only 4 colors….?

    That's a bit steep

  8. I clicked in the video without knowing from who it was (I wasn't paying attention ) but a instantly knew it was juicy ink when I heard "okie dokie"

  9. I've been collecting some of her half pans over the last few months! They're so lovely. I haven't really painted anything intense with them yet but just swatching and doodling in my sketchbook with them has been really fun. 🖤

  10. so this is the first video I ever saw of you and I fell in love with our voice and style so much. I had a stressful day and your voice calmed me down so much. you are such and talented artist and I just love your style sooooo much!!

    (sorry if I made any mistakes I am not from england or USA but I am trying my best :3)

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