Handmade V12 Engine

Handmade V12 Engine

Handmade V12 Engine

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Otomotiv Samsun

47 thoughts on “Handmade V12 Engine

  1. These videos are of Turkish origin. Apropos, where are the spark plugs and the carburetor?

  2. This engine is amazing. Do it on full size scale at least 10 Litre size. Plus work heavily on you video audio skills ( volume sucks).

  3. Yes it's wonderful. But why make a small, if they already exist in real size, functional. Sounds a little like lost time. Or talent thrown away.

  4. Огромная,ювелирная работа-как станочник говорю.

  5. I am a retired tool &die maker and stood over a lathe and milling machine for 35 years.i could probably make one if I could live to 148yrs.

  6. I know some guys who call themselves as mechanics, They can't align Truck's camshaft properly even such a big positioning notch…
    How good engineering can do this with a camshaft like needle… RESPECT

  7. Работает от давления воздуха. Ни топлива, ни свечей нет. Балванка

  8. Un grand savoir faire jve bien que vous m'en fabriquiez un pour le mettre sur une voiture normal sa serait pas mal

  9. 全て手作り?この人天才?(;゜0゜)

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