Handmade Soba Noodles by Master Chef Mutsuko Soma — Omakase

Handmade Soba Noodles by Master Chef Mutsuko Soma — Omakase

Soba master Mutsuko Soma, Eater Seattle’s 2017 chef of the year, has been focussing on soba, the ancient noodle dish, for over six years. Learn how soba is different from other noodles and what goes into chef Soma’s handmade soba based omakase.

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33 thoughts on “Handmade Soba Noodles by Master Chef Mutsuko Soma — Omakase

  1. EVERYTHING IN THESE DOCUMENTARIES ARE BEAUTIFUL.from the music to the grain of flour… so pleasing to watch

  2. Super interesting video! I never had soba noodles and now I am curious. I do wonder why there is 20% regular flour in it, because that means it's not gluten-free anymore. Not that I personally care, I don't have food allergies or anything. It's just that the gluten-free aspect is mentioned, and then gluten are added…

  3. Please do educate me, if I have a chance to visit her Soba Noodle Shop, will I've to wait her make the Soba Noodle first from scratch?
    And any other of ingredients too?

  4. I know she learned this from her grandmother but I'm curious if the saying for soba is true: "3 days to master the knife, 3 months to master the rolling pin, 3 years to master the mixing bowl." Also, she grinds her own buckwheat. I wonder how she classifies it since making buckwheat flour has classifications based on how much of the seed you grind. I'm also curious if she serves the sobayu at any point in time. Anyway, thanks for the cool video, Eater.

  5. Japanese do so many things great.
    I would love to go back to culinary school just for Japanese cuisine.

  6. Strange no one ever commented about pokemon . The name of her restaurant is kamo negi.. Duck with a leek

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