Handmade Portraits: Susan Gibbs, Yarn Harvester

Handmade Portraits: Susan Gibbs, Yarn Harvester

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After quitting her day job in Los Angeles and moving to Martha’s Vineyard, a quiet island off the Massachusetts coast, Susan Gibbs aka MVKnits had a great idea. She started Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm and figured out how to make a living making yarn. Why not use the local food movement’s model of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and apply it to a yarn harvest? Shareholders pay for a share in the yarn harvest as a way to support a local farm (or in this case, a local farm supported through the internet) and in return they get weekly updates, photos from the farm, an invitation to the shearing and ultimately a share of the yarn.
Etsian Tara Young aka weirdwolf headed to Martha’s Vineyard to visit Susan Gibbs and her fiber farm. Music by Barry London and Charlie Parr.

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27 thoughts on “Handmade Portraits: Susan Gibbs, Yarn Harvester

  1. Why on earth are there 50 dislikes? What's wrong with people?
    This woman is an inspiration.

  2. I squeed at the bebeh goats in their wooleh sweaters! 😀

    And I cried when she helped the mama sheep! :,)

  3. Eep. Good video but next time can you warn us when there's going to be a live birth in a vid? lol

  4. This is an awesome video I hope this business turns out AWESOME! Great Great subject matter! Not to mention you're smiling!

  5. What a wonderful story! I am a country girl who grew up with a flock of 100 sheep. My friend has a small flock now. Aren't they the most calming creatures! Love the dogs, too! Good luck to you and I look forward to learning more about you and your farm! Barb

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