Handmade Portraits: Korehira Watanabe, Sword Maker

Handmade Portraits: Korehira Watanabe, Sword Maker

As one of Japan’s last remaining swordsmiths, Korehira Watanabe has honed his craft for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword.

Read the Etsy blog post: http://etsy.me/theswordmaker.

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47 thoughts on “Handmade Portraits: Korehira Watanabe, Sword Maker

  1. be very careful buying from etsy. we just have a case closed when status of tracking clear shows it wasn't delivered so we have filed a chargeback for non receipt. very unprofessional website and we have ordered a lot from here but as of today that will stop
    etsy just followed up with a phone call and was as useless as the seller, tracking shows not delivered and they do not care, nothing they can do, amazing, YOU WILL LOSE TO MY CREDIT CARD DISPUTE LOSERS!

  2. why is it everyone keep comparing japanese sword to european or modern steel sword? yes traditional japanese sword would pale in strength to modern sword no doubt about it. but thats not what these masters are aiming for. they are preserving an old tradition, an artistic and poetic product of old culture and tradition. Hermes bag can have the same price as these swords, but made in a factory, pale in time and phylosophy poured on these swords.

  3. it is good to keep the old techniques, philosophy and tradition around but he also must learn to accept new techniques and crafting techniques. keep sticking to the mythical sword wouldn't get him anyway. At least that what i think

  4. a true master – earn the right to be called master by developing in others the ability to surpass you.

  5. Красивый меч!  подробней показали как мастер изготавляит  в процесе в кузне с какой стали ?.Если можно?.С уважением Анатолий .

  6. I am a real Japanese.
    tell yu the truth. Everyone has been deceived.
    Japanese history is full of lies. we all love to lie.
    The origin of the Japanese sword is ancient Korea.
    Swordsmith(escaped from korea) settled in Japan,and they brought many kinds of culture in to Japan.(for ex,samurai,cherry blossom,sake,kendo,etc)
    Currently, all swordsmiths in Japan are korean or their relatives.
    So, we should call it " Great Korean Sword" you know.

  7. より良いものを伝えなければ伝統ではないということが解りました。

  8. e-sword.jp has some nice ones cost less than aoi. giheiya.com has a beautiful website, but the inventory is not as fancy as e-sword, and nowhere near aoi. It really depends on what you want from the sword. most collectors and dealers don't know how to use a katana. they can appreciate the grain details, history of the sword, etc. martial artist like myself, care about the actual construction of the blade, weight, length, balance, not as emphasize on the sword features a collector would.

  9. Went to japan myself on an apprenticeship . Got lied to . Had my money ripped out of my pockets at every chance the MASTER could do so . Set standards like expected to learn to read/write speak Japanese in 3 months . Two standards exist , one for the Japanese deshi one for the European . Still though the Japanese sword has been far too over hyped by us . That will be the day when a master trains his deshi to become better than him . Again an on going misleading myth not involved with reality .

  10. If you are using it for iaido, commissioning one to your spec is the way to go. There are smiths that charge less. I don't know if you'd be able to appreciate the minute details of blade that the $15k gets you…also,that price is only for the blade, sheath, handle, fittings, etc. could run you up another 5k easily. For $15k, you could get a very nice koto (antique blade) with paper and everything. check out aoijapan.com

  11. I dont know where you live and your salary is, but to me, $15K is a lot….it doesn't diminish the beauty of the sword but i only want to tell you that i have much more important things to spend for example: housing, foods, etc….

  12. I might never be proficient using one, but what a piece of art and history to own! Amazing! The world needs more such people.

  13. Incredible to think that the beauty of the sword has earned 2546 thumbs up and no thumbs down. This is why i love the japanese arts. The passion, the beauty make a perfect pair.

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