Handmade plaster moldings

Handmade plaster moldings

My guys fabricating plaster moldings in the field by hand on our current residential renovation

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22 thoughts on “Handmade plaster moldings

  1. Just out of interest, how come you guys don't simply create a relief mold, and lay up the plaster so that each cast comes out with the smooth front surface already made each time? Rather than needing to create the front surface?

  2. For gods sake get a bucket and a splash brush! Why didn’t they run the reverse and just cast the cornice??

  3. Please I will need some of the moulds to buy and set up a small business in Ghana so kindly mail with the types and prices,,thanks

  4. its plaster of paris you get it from any builders merchant who deals with the plastering industry but one note its not easy to work with cause it goes off very quickly

  5. Hello. I´m trying to do a plaster cornice. But all of it has little bubbles in the front side. What should I do to avoid that?

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