Handmade Photo Album Walk-through

Handmade Photo Album Walk-through


This is a walk-through of a photo album I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas this year.

The front and back covers are made from a Pepsi box. The measurements are 4 3/4 by 6 1/2 inches and the spine is 1/2 inch. The outside paper measures 12 by 8 inches and the inside paper measures 10 by 6 1/4 inches. I bought a cheap photo album at my local Dollar General and cut off the covers to use the photo pages.

Before any one asks where the sound is, there is no audio.

You can expect more and better videos in the future! Leave a comment if you have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas for future videos, etc.

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33 thoughts on “Handmade Photo Album Walk-through

  1. Preljepi proizvodi!Hajlajter se malo trusi ali je fenomenalan!!!Ne razumem zasto svi pisu na Engleskom???☺💋

  2. This is  a great tutorial–however, I am having a problem finding a glue that sticks–can't afford a glue gun–any suggestions?

  3. where do you get those plastic clear photo sleeves from? I have been looking and cannot find attached ones. Only individual ones available. please help

  4. Hi I was wondering if you have some where where I can contact you I have questions about this please.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I stumbled across your channel looking for a dupe on foto folios, a new set they are selling. You do a great job showing how this is done. I love it! I'm a new subbie, and hope you are still making vids! xoxo Jen 

  6. I cant see the measurements clearly. This is the easiest tutorial ive seen lol. Do you mind giving me those measurements

  7. That was an Automatic Tape Gun (ATG). It dispenses double sided adhesive. The particular one I was using was purchased by the Tape Depot, but 3M also makes tape dispensers.

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