Handmade Origami Sunflower – Part1 Make sunflower

Handmade Origami Sunflower – Part1 Make sunflower

Handmade Origami by me: Sunflower
Use many papers Part1: Make Sunflower
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25 thoughts on “Handmade Origami Sunflower – Part1 Make sunflower

  1. My aunt gave birth and I'm trying to make a gift that can stay with her for as long as possible. Thank you for this video, now I know what I can make!!!

  2. Hello, what would be the ideal size for a giant sunflower?

    Oh, and congratulations on the beautiful work.

  3. This is amazing! But i want mine to be a little bigger though. what would be the size of the brown paper if my yellow paper is 21x21cm? please replyyy tyvm!!

  4. Amei! Isso é fantástico,  me lembrou os girassóis de Vicente Van Gogh, grata por seu belo vídeo!

  5. Great video. What kind of paper did you use? It looks almost like cloth. I usually use colored printer paper. Would it work with that?

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