Handmade My First Knife Using Common Tools

Handmade My First Knife Using Common Tools

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Making a Homemade Knife With Just a Few Tools.
knife making is a slow, delicate, painstaking, multi-faceted, sometimes frustrating process. It requires skill in metalworking, woodworking and design, patience, attention, and general level-headedness.

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41 thoughts on “Handmade My First Knife Using Common Tools

  1. Блин, классный нож! И ножны офигенные!! …но почему ты рукоятку деревянную не сделал, шикарно бы было.

  2. First knife? Thats a badass fuckin knife dude! And you did it on a balcony with realy basic tools …… Nice job sir nice job indeed……… And by the way…… Plz cut yer nails boy……….. Damn.

  3. Very well done. Nice texture on the blade. I just wish you would have opted for a g10 or micarta grip that you could have replicated the texture onto, but that would just be for style points. Great job overall.

  4. Make a knife like his first then you can ask him to cut his nail…..Someone seems envious and needs to bring this talented individual down or just having plain fun? 😉 But watch your balls this little number looks sharp enough ;))

  5. All the comments are mostly about his finger nail, 😂😂😂… Nice to see that everyone appreciates his craftsmanship and his nail. I too got a Pinky nail like him, it's quite useful lol

  6. What a beautiful knife! It reminds me of a Stoneage knife 😁 I really love the rough look it has. Well done 😁👍

  7. I love the texture on the blade. 2 questions. What did you quench it in? I didn’t see any flames even though the handle was red hot and at the top of the fluid. Did you temper it at all? The file should be softer than the metal if hardened correctly.

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