Handmade mouse trap – homemade humane rat trap – DIY  handcraft trap

Handmade mouse trap – homemade humane rat trap – DIY handcraft trap

In this video i will shows you how to make an easy live #mouse_trap or #rat_trap with just a plastic bottle, twine and toothpicks. This is 100% humane mouse trap. After capturing the mouse, it can be released alive outdoors. It’s easy, safe, humane and convenient to use diy mousetrap.

How to make a simple #bird_trap using pliers​ — https://youtu.be/7vH73rlFwzo

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29 thoughts on “Handmade mouse trap – homemade humane rat trap – DIY handcraft trap

  1. This is what we should do…
    Recycled Coca Cola bottles as trap/catcher for plastic pollution on rivers and oceans…

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