Handmade Mechanical Toys – King-tank

Handmade Mechanical Toys – King-tank

Hello, friends!
On New Year’s Eve, I propose to make for your son or younger brother, the simplest mechanical toy.
Build it with the child, and he will remember this event for life, even if he has all the high-tech Chinese plastic.
To implement this project we will need a wooden coil from threads, a remnant from the bathroom, a clip, a pair of stationery rubber bands, a toothpick or a match and a piece of wire.
Also does not prevent the presence of any tool.
Since we will build a simplified model of the “Tsar-Tank”, to improve the patency, we will cut small bits on the rims of the coil.
At the time of my childhood, this toy really was called “Tsar-Tank”, apparently for some constructive similarity with the design of the Russian engineer Nikolai Lebedenko of the same name.
The tank, 18 meters long and 9 meters high, never took part in any battle.

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