Handmade Longboard

Handmade Longboard


Forced Happiness – Aural Nanostructures

118cm LONG
24cm WIDE

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40 thoughts on “Handmade Longboard

  1. Seeing measurments in metric feels really good, thank you)
    But how does this length feel while cruising? And how tall are you, btw?

  2. This is great! I was looking of ways to press the board and you've made it a lot simpler for me. Great Video. Thanks!

  3. hey man nice work and where are you from nice anvil i do some metal smmithing ifyoure looking to make a quick buck id be interested 

  4. Yes! I like the vid, because it's just a simple press, so everyone can do it that way.. not to fancy 🙂 but I'm wondering what will happen if you do the whole board in fiberglass, and if you do it what will happen with the flex.

  5. you need to clean the ball bearings on your board because they go slow. when i cleaned mine they went a lot faster

  6. That's amazing on how you made that fabulous long board I wish I had a long board just like that I love it so much

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