Handmade Japanese Sencha

Handmade Japanese Sencha

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19 thoughts on “Handmade Japanese Sencha

  1. Hello. Thank you for the video. Can fresh leaves be cut and put directly into boiling water to make a tea or do the leaves have to be dried? Thanks!

  2. Be sure to watch without sound . The music is incredibly horrible and completely inappropriate. Better yet, turn off the whole thing and have a good cup of sencha instead.
    Have a nice, calm day.

  3. How to make the tea leaf no insects? I went to a mountain, the leaf look no insects, but when use backing soda put with water, the mini insects come out.

  4. Even more i have deep respect for the people to create such an outstanding product…thanks for bringing it to me in this film!

  5. Great-looking handmade tea. My favorite part is that the workers are well taken care of with massage stations at the tea facility. Lots of love put into the leaves.

  6. The picking is being done by visitors who are simply experiencing tea farming. Sometimes these leaves are then used for hand rolling demonstrations, sometimes they might be processed for competitions.

  7. Informative video, but obviously designed to boost the sales of the Japanese tea producers, I can't imagine every leaf is so delicately picked whilst listening to Yoga music 🙂
    I wonder how much the supplier charges in Japan charge per kg of Sencha tea. Some supermarkets in the UK charge anything from 4-9 pounds for 50g. Tea prices are a rip-off here and I guess most of that is retailer mark-up. I will have to start making nettle tea, less radiation than Japanese teas, even if the taste is nothing to shout about, but it's free and local.

  8. Wow. Amazing. Well done production of video shedding light on the tea making procedure. I see some gaijin there as well getting involved in the process… is this some sort of tea tourism that we can participate in? I'd love to check this out in person.

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