Handmade Indian Natural Quilts With Block Printing – Colouricious

Handmade Indian Natural Quilts With Block Printing – Colouricious

Handmade Indian Natural Quilts With Block Printing – Colouricious

Handmade Indian Natural Quilts –
go to http://www.naturalquilts.com – quilts for sale. If you are looking to buy handmade Indian quilts then Natural Quilts is the online store for you. Quilts, bedlinen and comforters, along with luxury bedding and bedspreads, see how they are made in our movie here. Natural Quilts are handmade in India for you!

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25 thoughts on “Handmade Indian Natural Quilts With Block Printing – Colouricious

  1. These are beautiful, Very beautiful…but these are spreads, not quilts. A spread is a beautiful fabric that goes on the top layer of the bed.

    A quilt is made of at least 2 layers of fabric, I am working on one now that is 8 layers of fabric. These layers are stuffed like a pillow, now in modern times, almost always polyester between the layers to make it thick and heavy. This holds in the heat when it is freezing.

    The quilts go over a sheet. The sheet I'd anything fabric between yourself and the quilts or blankets. The amazing pieces you worked on in this video seem to have the thickness of sheets, but they are too beautiful to be sheets.

  2. I will buy their quilts or comforters in bulk.
    for my online store.
    two main reasons!!
    Being hand made
    and so beautiful made

  3. l like this beautiful music…. its so nice to listen to..Indian music is mysterious to me… l like Indian people also, good natured …attractive race

  4. Thank you for the upload of this fabric printing enjoyed watching and learning it. I look forward for more.

  5. Absolutely stunning! And I love the music! Does anyone know the name of the musician? Please let me know!

  6. The quilts are gorgeous. Loved the music and learning more about this craft. If these quilts are the ones I'm thinking of, they are wonderfully soft and cozy.

  7. Namaste. What is the music please? It is familiar by the title doesn't come to me. Thank you.

  8. ask for permission

    You can look for a handmade quilt to buy it.


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