Handmade in Germany – A Shoe for Life | Made in Germany

Handmade in Germany – A Shoe for Life | Made in Germany

A climbing boot can contain up to 180 different parts. Bavaria-based Hanwag is an outdoor footwear specialist, with production still done by hand and according to traditional methods.Making a pair of mountain boots can involve up to 200 steps, from punching out the leather parts to threading the laces. The resulting product, however, can last a lifetime.

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26 thoughts on “Handmade in Germany – A Shoe for Life | Made in Germany

  1. Just got some Hanwag Grünten, they really seem to fit my feet well, built like a brick shithouse, yet light and with good support.

  2. If it leather, why does your "leather" comes in big rolls. It makes no sense. When you buy leather it's a skin and cannot come in big rolls like on the video.

  3. Way too funny…fine leather jus5 diesnt exist in Asia????
    This is were they get thwre mrathwr fron the Yaks of Tibet which is from ASIA the Hoards and tribes of Genghis Khan have used these leather back in the day.
    " From Tibet to Bavaria – finest yak leather

    HANWAG is about more than just traditional, German high-quality craftsmanship. We now also make hiking and trekking boots from limited amount of yak leather, imported from the Lhasa Leather Factory in Tibet."

  4. Unfortunately, Hanwag doesn't make all of their boots in Germany.  Recently purchased a new pair of Yellowstone GTX and to my surprise, they were made in Croatia. Unfortunately, the stiching began to come apart near the toe box after only three months of very light hiking on level trails.  Have been trying to return the boots but the email for Returns on the HanwagBoot site is B/O and haven't been able to reach anyone not the line.  The Yellowstones look nice and fit comfortably but the built quality and material is not what I imagined a Hanwag to be. I want to try a the Ancash with leather lining but they are not available for sale in the US so I'll probably purchase the Alaska and if the quality is not there, I'll go back to Lowa.

  5. +whereskim89
    You have no clue what you are talking about…saying that America doesn't do fine craftsmanship.

    Look up Wesco boots ..White's boots and Nicks boots. Not only are they hand made , they are custom fitted to your own feet . Plus they have been around over 100 years.

    If you think Timberland boots are top of the line, it really shows how clueless you are when it comes to custom handmade boots to order ,to fit your own measurements.

    These boots in this video are handmade but one size fits all.

    American hand made boots by Wesco, White's and Nicks are handmade and custom order to your own feet. Not one size fits all.

    All made in the U.S.A. !

  6. Unless it's cut to a square… You think they cut the boot shape out of a living cow or something ? It's processed leather, cut to shape where the most consistant thickness is.

  7. leather is also sold without butt and belly and neck so they cut it in square but include it in the price. the buyer do not want to keep lot of waste.

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