Handmade hybrid rotary tattoo machine

Handmade hybrid rotary tattoo machine

Handmade rotary tattoo machine,
– adjustable speed and give
– maxon motor
– nitrate bluing finish

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22 thoughts on “Handmade hybrid rotary tattoo machine

  1. How do I contact you about buying one of these? I just looked at my dragonfly and said "you're done buddy"

  2. Yes Sir, simple, handy, does exactly what it needs to do, do not understand why spend some $ 800,
    I saw perfect tattoos in Thailand with Handmade Machine, it is a thing of skill, not money

  3. Thats actually dope as hell. I see what u did there man. Good shit!! I wioll be messaging u in reguards to prices. Are they still available for sale?

  4. I was literally thinking about how I can make this happens like about a hr ago than I type in handmade rotary and look what I see lol

  5. its off center there is no give it doesn't even slow down when its getting tighten only good for liner

  6. мысль витала в воздухе,я думал о такой конструкции. Браво! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy6H-36WToRRhjOmJDOXqtQ

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