Handmade gold solitaire engagement ring six prong

Handmade gold solitaire engagement ring six prong

Handmade gold solitaire engagement ring

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49 thoughts on “Handmade gold solitaire engagement ring six prong

  1. I just love watching u create such beautiful jewelry… now us lay ppl can see all the hard work that goes in to producing such fine fine jewelry…Wish I could afford it. I’d love to have some type of 18k gold pinky ring…maybe of the medical caduceus, u know the 2 snakes wrapped around a staff…and wings outstretched at the top…take care sir and keep creating…thank u so much…I have a few loose precious and semi-precious stone. I.e. blue sapphire, peridots, and garnets …maybe I can pay u to do something with them…oh I also bought a nice raw opal…

  2. Wow you are the man i wish i had your talent .I should have gotten you to make my engagement ring💍💍💍💍💍

  3. LMAO to the "legally distinguishable" royalty-free version of "6th Avenue Heartache"

  4. Hay Mr Scaffoul, my hands get dry from crafts too and try Neosporin. It works wonders. Just run a litle on your hands.


  6. you really need to get rid of the music try someone talking softly explaining steps or write down the steps being done music is same used on other videos posted online especially manufactured homes, 'cottages' etc

  7. I was thinking same thing about his hands and fingers. Such a price to pay to have amazing talent making beautiful and stunning pieces of jewelry. I'm in pain just looking at how rough his hands look and can't imagine how much they hurt.

  8. I always wondered where do you get the gems from? I know there must be some store or distribution center. Are they the most expensive part of the ring, or the gold?

  9. I have a lots of gemstones wish you can make it for me .. i would love to see you do it .. very impressive

  10. Excelente trabajo es usted un verdadero joyero y no como un español que se hace llamar kamikaze que todo lo hace con maquinas hasta unas simples argollitas lizas
    Felicidades señor

  11. Hi sir how r u I m from India I have asked a question about solder.how made the solder which kind Mattel mix it.plzz ans me.

  12. Incredibile! Ormai seguo da un pò i tuoi video… e risultati sono eccellenti! Peraltro sono di Parma e magari hai fatto tu l'anello che ho chiesto a Contardo!
    Ma una cosa che non capisco… come riesci (minuto 5:10 circa) a saldare di nuovo così vicino ad un punto che hai già saldato in precedenza senza che ti si sciolga il solder di prima???!!!
    E non è il primo video in cui lo noto!

    Veramente bravo!

    Buona Pasqua!

  13. Great job again , thanks for sharing your skills . One question , why you don't use a nail clipper to trimm the prongs ?

  14. Hello!!! Tell me, are you on the finalization of the product of gold or silver, you see their flaws or do you always work flawlessly? I have a little experience in the jewelry business, I study on the Internet and often watch your channel scaffoal, at the end of my work all the others love it and say that perfectly and I vizhi that have small defects.

  15. It is good manufacturing style beautiful design with traditional way, i am belong to Indian goldsmith family and feel Happy to see your video and proud on you with your Great Art

  16. estube,,, practicando hacer la montadura,,, pero al amarrarle el alambre de cobre,, no me quedo redonda los hilos…

  17. was there a ring inside the ring? im wondering does that ring maybe act like a sizing agent that can be taken out later when they want the ring bigger? that would be genius.

  18. youre great and i love your videos. well made and you show all the steps. just watching your hand movements to the way you move your tools. thanks a lot

  19. Are all the pieces in your videos designs for customer requests or just to go in the window and sold later?

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