handmade gold ring with blue sapphire and diamonds

handmade gold ring with blue sapphire and diamonds

Handmade 18kt white gold ring with blue sapphire and diamonds.

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29 thoughts on “handmade gold ring with blue sapphire and diamonds

  1. Nice ring. A little flashy but with a tone down modification can be a awesome piece. Sapphire stones are idea for a masculine looking men's ring. They stand out with the right amount of POP but not feminine like a large diamond stone would look.

  2. As usual absolutely beautiful…and the mastery in which you demonstrate is spot -on…I have 2 beautiful blue sapphires that need ur attention.my wife and I would like to have identical his-hers rings…silver metal…

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  4. Incredible craftsmanship but dear god man pull yourself together….. Whoever made that terrible music should be put to death 🤮

  5. Great process but bad polishing. You should spend a bit more time at the final step, the result would be even better.

  6. я конечно не проффесионал, но столько стружки в видео…

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  8. This video made me feel like I could go out and make my own ring! (definitely couldn't) what you do is incredible! I could make the stone though! I am just starting up my own faceting/vlog channel to show people how! Check it out!

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