Handmade Fisherman Channel Trailer

Handmade Fisherman Channel Trailer

Link to Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsVmxfbTN79r80FC9qeOYQ

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The Handmade Fisherman

38 thoughts on “Handmade Fisherman Channel Trailer

  1. Hi Paul, i just love your channel, i'm a starting lurebuilder from the Netherlands and copied a lot of stuff how you dit it. keep those videos coming, cause i love them!

  2. I just subscribe to your channel, because of, "Brendan's wonderful world of fishing", and him putting out a Sharpe challenge to you, and have to say, I am glade he did. Great channel.

  3. I am a huge fan of your chanel, keep up the great job you are doing. Although hard to make it on my own but it is still a beautifull art and a great inspiration. Regards

  4. Please can you say me how do you make your templets for your lures ?Which Program do you use for your Temples ? Thanks!

  5. Paul you my congratulations on Ukraine.
    Always with great interest and enthusiasm viewing your video. Thank you for your work and undeniably charismatic supply video. I wish you good health, inspiration and interesting new fishing tools.

    Вам Паул мої вітання з України.
    Завжди з великою цікавістю та захопленням переглядаю ваші відео. Дякую вам за ваші роботи і безперечно харизматичну подачу відео. Бажаю вам міцного здоров'я, творчої наснаги та нових цікавих рибальських знарядь.

  6. Paul, I have to thank you for all your amazing work and excellent videos, your channel along with Dieter were and are inspired me to enter this world of manufacturing lures.

    A hug from Mexico

  7. your builds are nothing short of fantastic, please give my regards to our mutual friend, Jord as well. thank you, Paul!

  8. Ok Paul. Nice pub. I was looking to trasform my bike in a fisherman bike. But I have to fight with well pump. Ubi maior minor cessat as the old romans said. Have you some ideas about the bike?

  9. Hi Paul
    Thank you for your wonderful videos. Excuse my bad english I hope it's not too bad! I am always happy when a new video is to see from you! All the best and many greetings from Germany!


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