Handmade Ferrari 250 GTO: Man Builds Perfect Replicas Of Classic Cars

Handmade Ferrari 250 GTO: Man Builds Perfect Replicas Of Classic Cars

Handmade Ferrari 250 GTO: Man Builds Perfect Replicas Of Classic Cars
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A CAR enthusiast has spent five painstaking years recreating one of the world’s most desirable Ferraris. Rod Tempero hand crafted the replica Ferrari 250 GTO in a chicken shed in New Zealand – but the incredible car which has a 4.4 litre, V12 engine could be worth well over one million dollars. Rod and his team specialise in handcrafting cars that otherwise would be unobtainable for enthusiasts around the world. There were only 39 of the original vehicles ever produced by Ferrari and one recently sold for more than $38m at auction.

Videographer / Director: Brian High
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

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22 thoughts on “Handmade Ferrari 250 GTO: Man Builds Perfect Replicas Of Classic Cars

  1. Well it beats the price tag of the original. An none of your friends would know the diffrence.

  2. The shape looks little off but still very impressive, love the passion behind it too, great work.

  3. It’s an artists creation from the original . Beautifully done. Because only 39 were ever built it awesome this craftsman’s has they ability to add another one. Four years of craftmanship. Hats off, and lucky owner.

  4. Built in a chicken shed? Give me a break.
    I saw a trash can in the corner, why not say it was built in a garbage dump?

  5. I'm building another 250 GTO kids car for my daughters as they out grew to last one ! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc7qCVCskqU

  6. Yep yep why pay hundred dollars for pair of jeans when you can have a pair for a mere fraction and looks just as good

  7. I'd buy one. Then buy a real one then swop the plates over and sell the fake as real and keep the real one LOL. Oh wait a second, dident a guy called Fav do exactly this with Daytonas in the 80s?

  8. This is an absolutely beautiful piece of work and a tremendous achievement.
    There's something in the water in NZ that brings on this kind of inventiveness and individualism. Admiration and greeting from across the ditch.

  9. beautiful craftsmanship and good luck to him but Ferrari have chased guys with lawyers and tried to tow away replicas with tow trucks because they looked like one and also had a ferrari sticker on them.

    His website says nothing about 250 GTO replicas now . i guess the lawyers have been knocking.

  10. If you don't have the money for this one, you can get a kit to make one yourself out of a Mazda MX-5 mark 1 or 2. See that video on YouTube as well.

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