Handmade Electric Guitar Body Build Ziricote/Black Limba (Full Build)

Handmade Electric Guitar Body Build Ziricote/Black Limba (Full Build)

All build videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIeY3my9UbhQpEfNoq7yAFgkc_V_SSrck
(This is just a hobby, I do it for fun)

Body wood – Black Limba
Laminate top – Ziricote

Pickups – Black Winter set from Seymour Duncan
Generic stop-tailpiece, Gold
Schaller roller bridge, Gold
3-way toggle switch
250k volume Pot
500k tone Pot
Knobs – Q-parts black pearl on gold
Tuning Keys – Sperzel locking tuners, Black
Neck – Maple shaft, Ebony fretboard, pearloid binding, gold pearloid inlay
Straplocks, Gold

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40 thoughts on “Handmade Electric Guitar Body Build Ziricote/Black Limba (Full Build)

  1. Seeing as how this video is over a year old at this point, there are a few things I should point out about it.

    The first is that I am 100% self-taught in doing this, and have never taken any classes in guitar making, just applying my general woodworking knowledge. That being said, over the past year I have spent a lot of time learning about better ways to make guitars – so if you're here to complain about how I did something in this video, odds are that I have already stopped doing it that way.

    The second is about the audio quality at the end, at the time this was recorded, my direct audio recording setup for the guitar was not good at all. The guitar playing in this video was recorded through a USB cable for the game "Rocksmith" which is not designed or intended for audio recording. Since this video was uploaded, I have upgraded my entire recording setup. There is a link in the description to a more recent video where the improvements are plain to see.

    Finally, if you're going to complain in the comments anyway, the least you can do is offer suggestions on how to improve. If all you're going to say is "sounds like shit" or "you're an idiot for doing ___", then your comment is useless and not worth reading.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Just saw the video and looked at the thumbs down! Wow! You could legitimately find a cure for cancer and still get the idiots!
    I think it is beautiful! Guitar player-not hater here (hey that rhymes) Makes me want to try this someday. This video is inspiring to me. You must have something right-not easy to get a half a million views!

  3. Hey man you did awesome I to am in cabinetry and like to dabble in fixing and refinishing guitars . Damn good job .

  4. For such a beautiful piece of wood, I think the body design should have been a much fuller design closer to a actual Explorer body style to utilize more wood grain, it can also be chambered to reduce weight, and with a proper scaled and designed neck, wouldn't neck dive! That's just what I would have done, it's still a beautiful guitar and I like it, just not a huge fan of the body shape! @ 27:29 whoa there buddy, nice scratches in that new finish right? Hehe!

  5. No idea why there are so many negative comments on this. Even an idiot should be able to tell the difference between a guitar that sounds bad and a less than ideal recording. I love the woods you used on this, the grain on the body is absolutely stunning, it's almost a pity you put a cap on it. Great design and attention to detail. If you have this thing set up well I bet she feels and plays amazing. Looking at your hardware choices I am sure she sounds great through a proper amp too. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. You need a top on that beautiful piece of wood. And you put the good side under the lam. Still came out great though. Killer design.

  8. watch dark luithers demo on neck carving. Ive carved 3 since it really works making necks is actually easy for a skilled crafts man life your self

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