Handmade Doormat with Old Clothes

Handmade Doormat with Old Clothes

Here are the simple and easy steps to make doormat at home. Making door mat with old cloths is bit time taking process but the output will definitely makes you satisfy. We can see many old and waste clothes at home. We suggest to recycle these waste cloths in a good process to make home made items.

Please watch: “Doormat Making at Home”


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39 thoughts on “Handmade Doormat with Old Clothes

  1. I really appreciate this because the other tutorials with actual sewing of the braids together show it by machine. My machine sucks for that kind of thing, and you can't make a big enough rug for my ambitions with a sewing machine in the way anyway! So thank you!

  2. You are very talented, and I love your color combinations! You have inspired me to create a beautiful rug of my own!
    Thank you, friend!

  3. Love the rug and your style but that music made me a bit nervous…but I am making the rug…THANK YOU🤗💕❤️

  4. m v aise hi stitch karne ki kosis ki bt bich me ful gya h aur doormat ki jagah basket bn gya h.kaise thik karu bataiye?

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