Handmade DIY – Fish Knot Bracelet

Handmade DIY – Fish Knot Bracelet

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An awesome bracelet made by fish knotting technique
More tutorials visit: http://www.beads-projects.com

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Canalcraft Beading

44 thoughts on “Handmade DIY – Fish Knot Bracelet

  1. omg does this person gender really matter!?! ….this video is about crafting and this person has amazing craftsmanship everyone needs to grow up

  2. This was such a great video. Even I think handmade bracelets are every interesting. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. 😺 i'm so excited!😁 …. finally, a bracelet simple enough that i know i can handle it, & so pretty, that i cannot wait to make one!! 💗 thank-you, canalcraft! 💁

  4. its a girl doing the video but a guy talking thru' the steps..
    its girl hands…

    at least i think xD

  5. I love your work and thank you for sharing your talent. Is it possible to use three colors, if so how would I do it? Thank you.

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