Handmade diaper stroller

Handmade diaper stroller

It is possible to make a lot of various presents from diapers as diaper cake, diaper car or diaper stroller. It is quite easy to make almost everything from diapers and such present will make happy not only baby, but also parent.
Our stroller is made of shoe box and some 50 or more diapers. This video shows tutorial, how to do diaper stroller step by step. It took us one hour to make final diaper stroller, but it could take less if you are skilled more then us. It is much easier to make it in two persons. You can put a cute doll or other presents for a baby to the finished diaper stroller.

To make such stroller, you will need following:
– shoebox
– cardboard
– diapers
– paper
– ribbons
– duct tape
– thread

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, even with not the best video quality.

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30 thoughts on “Handmade diaper stroller

  1. So do love & want this for I have a 👶🚿 which I just can't wait to have but vampire Gothic style

  2. I take it that this is just a novel way of giving someone a gift of nappies and other baby items, instead of wrapping them up, or am I missing the point!

  3. Lovely! I subscribed. I think I've watched thousands of videos like this one and I keep finding great ideas. I'm on a "baby shower" binge. Lol

  4. This idea is absolutely adorable. Well done and so creative. Personally, I'd use a hot glue gun and rubber bands for the beginning portion, but those are also good alternatives.

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