handmade cement tiles.mp4

handmade cement tiles.mp4

Handmade cement tiles. The production of one tile from www.Ulfven.no – model name “Scott”. Encaustic cement tiles are made in the same way today as they were made over 200 years ago.

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Ole-Petter Sandersen

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  1. Dear Nathan – this mould / pattern has been designed by us and our Interior-designers. You can order this tile by sending me a mail  –  olep@ulfven.no 

  2. What are you using to clean the steel plate 0:02? I think it is kind of a non-metal material to avoid the color mixture to be stuck on the plate and its wall?

  3. Petter, do you know the composition of the layers? I assume the following:
    1. Pigment+ marble+water
    2. Cement
    4. Concrete
    Is there a recipe or a book of how to make these tiles?


  4. Good work, but i'm wondering from what material the mold are made and how? Also, what is the exact pressure done by the hydraulic press for the operation?

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