Handmade Capunti with Jason Stoneburner

Handmade Capunti with Jason Stoneburner

Incredibly versatile, this little bean-pod pasta can be rustic or fancy, take less than hour to make, and is perfectly suited for any sauce. Jason Stoneburner, chef/owner of Seattle’s Stoneburner restaurant, shows us how to make this gorgeous, but simple pasta. http://chfstps.co/2ky4G2A

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22 thoughts on “Handmade Capunti with Jason Stoneburner

  1. Wonderful, but jeez guys… You talk about food all the time. SOFFRITTO has two fs and two ts.

  2. Grams…yards….centimetres you switched from imperial to metric like 4 times haha

  3. Does anyone know where to get a board similar to that? I have seen plain ones with horizontal lines in it, but not a fancy one like that.

  4. I really dislike silent videos. I would watch every video on your channel. But when it's silent I just instantly becomes unwatchable to me.

  5. Help me. What did I do wrong? I followed all the steps.
    Boiled the pasta for 2 minutes, and went to the town.
    Came back and there's still no sauce on my pasta

  6. Bob's Red Mill has "Semolina" from Durum wheat. In fact, a lot of the flours I see is durum wheat AND semolina. So what is the differentiating character of the two flours you guys are talking about.

  7. The more I watch this channel the more I get disgusted. This is grotesque. All full of chemicals and fake food.

  8. I assumed the pasta had eggs, but when he only mixed flour with water (saffron water), I was totally mind blown.

    Can anyone tell me the difference between pasta made from flour and water vs. flour and egg???

  9. why is the music always so shitty on chefsteps vids? great content, but I always have to mute.

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