Handmade candy cane demonstration at Logan's Candies

Handmade candy cane demonstration at Logan's Candies

This is a start-to-finish demonstration of making candy canes by hand, done at Logan’s Candies in Ontario, California. I am not affiliated with them in any way.
Their website is here: http://www.loganscandies.com/
Information about demonstration times is here: http://www.loganscandies.com/candydem…
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46 thoughts on “Handmade candy cane demonstration at Logan's Candies

  1. BEST dop ( detector of photography)
    make MORE LIVE VIDEO'S, if possible for YOU.
    in last 8 YEAR'S I'm seen Frist from you .
    GIVE also row material detail's.
    it's sugar or Jaggary ?

  2. Went into Logan's today…A very, VERY FINE establishment…Jerry knows his customers names and has for decades now. A WONDERFUL store to visit year around!! Thank you, Jerry, for all your hard work and for being a solid part of the community.

  3. Oh my gosh….I had custom made candy canes, made there about 20 years ago. In heart shapes for Christmas bows. Oh the memories. Thx for sharing.

  4. Muito lindo vovó, ver o senhor trabalhar, fico triste de ver os jovens, sem querer, fazer nada. Se todos trabalhassem, o mundo seria melhor.

  5. Eu amei i ver o trabalho com perfeição certamente saboroso também. Eu Fiz durante muitos anos bala de coco era difícil a hora de puxar adorei conhecer seu trabalho.Abraços daqui do Brasil.Evanir.

  6. La mesa donde esta el dulce que tipo de mesa es por que mantiene el dulce caliente yo hago ése dulce pero otro proceso diferente pero lo que a se con la mesa mantenr el dulce en su punto es genial

  7. Hello, I'm a production assistant with Thrillist.com, an online media publication. We're making a video about making candy canes and we would love to use some clips from this video. We always give on-screen credit and our video will be displayed online, worldwide, in perpetuity. If that's okay, let me know that you own the rights to this video and who we should credit. Thanks!

  8. i did once at tafe with a studant that was in a higher yr then me since he needed help with it. god it a lot of hard work.

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