Handmade bracelet chain gourmette silver

Handmade bracelet chain gourmette silver

Handmade bracelet chain gourmette silver
Today there are machines that perform this type of chains so faster and cheaper. It happens that for a repair or a specific request of a customer we do not find the chain with the measures we need. We can use this simple technique and that does not require the use of special machinery to realize the piece of chain that we need.

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45 thoughts on “Handmade bracelet chain gourmette silver

  1. I want the same bracelet in 15mm wide and 8 1/2 inches long how much with "S" lock I can send you a picture of what exactly I'm looking for please let me know how can I get it . I also sent you an email

  2. Beautiful work, but the intro music 🎼 is slightly annoying…ur music should b backgrnd …barely noticeable until ppl realize u do have music…

  3. Great work as always, and thanks for sharing of course. One question…did you Chuck the wire in with the bit or is there a special head on the drill you used?

  4. Hi, if your client want a texture to the links of the chain, when you will add texture ? Before cutting links from the mandrel? Thanks

  5. Thank you a lot for video on how you made the items i learn a lot from you that i can use to repair jewelry.

  6. Try looking at paintings of old world monarchs. 14-16th century. The jewelry is included many chain types to try to duplicate. Awesome work as always Sir

  7. Hey just wondering what magic you cast on your pliers so that your silver isnt scuffed after using them, I can put hundreds of layers of masking tape on mine and still end up with scuffed metal!

    – Sincerely, a rookie jeweller that spends far too much time sanding and polishing

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  9. 1 Ounce silver bar – 32 CAD (Yes our local prices are rigged and suck)
    1 Ounce silver bar – 100 – 150 CAD.
    1 50 / 50 raffle – 300$ @ 20$ X 15 Tickets
    1 Ounce = $300.

    Worth the venture?

    The equipment used to pull the bar through the plate with the the hole on it, has a chain link contraption inside, what is it called.

  10. Can you send my price list with the product catalog to my email?

  11. Greetings and good times. I am sending a message from Iran. I want to buy you in large quantities

  12. Your work is first rate and the jewelry you make is really nice. But you should get someone who is not deaf to help you select your music. This selection gave me seizures.

  13. I always just bought wire and stuck either a round or oval (knitting or crochet needles usually) along with the end of the wire intomy drill thing and made jump rings and put them together by hand.

  14. I love this, had no idea how those were made. I'm just into wirework right now, have not yet reached silversmithing 🙂

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