Handmade Bead Spray Tutorial

Handmade Bead Spray Tutorial

Here is it…after many requests lol!!!

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial on how to make your own bead spray!
Here is the link to my Pro 31 Designs DT Project Episode 1 where I had made a bead spray with flowers: http://youtu.be/nwvIPnavl7w

TFW ~ Hugs Leanne 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Handmade Bead Spray Tutorial

  1. I love your work. Your voice is so soothing and I enjoy watching your videos. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. Out of all the tutorials I have seen yours is one of the best ~!! thanks for the inspiration~!!!

  3. WOW, this tutorial is so fantastic. I just came across it today, I have so many old necklace that I can use for this project. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.

  4. Such a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for sharing and keeping it slow enough to understand for us that have never worked this one out. Oh, and its a very beautiful spray. hugs, B

  5. Thanks Lee I will be trying this. You are so talented. Is there anything you can't do ha ha??????????

  6. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for this tutorial. It really helped me understand how to make a bead spray, and I loved how you explain which end would be the stem and work from there. Anyway I thought you would enjoy seeing how I used what I learned in my project. I made a tiny version to add to my ribbonwork. (It's not letting me post a link so I will try another way) honeybeesbliss(dot)blogspot(dot)com and it's the post for Friday, February 22, 2013

  7. Another great tutorial, Leanne! So easy to understand and follow. My Mom used to make these miniature beaded trees that were sort of Bonsai in shape but never new how she made them. I think some of this technique must have been used. Anyway, I will have to try this out. tfs, Sandra

  8. awww i'm so glad you liked my tutorial!!! I would love to see what you created!!! TFW hugz

  9. THANK you THANK YOU soooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch.I love to show you what I did with the help of your tutorial.

  10. I cant wait to try this i have a ton of beads in my stash and your tutorial was brilliant and easy to follow now i know how to make the sprays i dont think i'll be able to stop lol there lovely thank you so much for sharing (((hugs)))

  11. OMG, Leanne, I have devoted myself, what's wrong with me? Leonie's name here on YT is "MyPassionForPaper". Sorry, sorry for the mistake.

  12. Hi Leanne, I have made ​​a mistake. Leonie's name here on YT is: " MyPashionForPaper ". Sorry.

  13. Laenne, thank you so much for this great tutorial. I find the link by Leonie (Myfashionforpaper) and I am thrilled. I will try it today.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  14. Nicely done with patient explanation. It is appreciated. Looking forward to more tutorials. Thanks a bunch. Now it time for you to relax or go to bed.

  15. Lovely! So fun, I just love this! Your tutorials are so good & easy to understand. Keep up the good work :•) Christine

  16. Love your tutorial and I've used it in one of my latest projects (when I post it, I'll put a link to your video 🙂 tfs, hugs and smiles, Linda

  17. I wish I could run to JoAnn's right this minute for some 30 gauge wire. I love these sprays and had no idea how to do it. TFS!

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