Handmade at Amazon vs Etsy

Handmade at Amazon vs Etsy

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26 thoughts on “Handmade at Amazon vs Etsy

  1. This is an old video…Etsy is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different now. It's hard to be seen in the jewelry category there…Etsy has died.

  2. I would be interested in a 2018 'update' of this 2015 information. A lot has changed in the last 3 years, both at Etsy and Amazon, thus rendering this video virtually obsolete. Began watching it, then stopped. Amazon Prime for $79? I wish! Please reply, thanks.

  3. I'm writing this in 2018. Thanks for the info; I had an Etsy shop for 5 years and sold almost nothing. Then I got a buyer who bought in bulk only to discover that she was adding a charm to the bracelets and selling them on her website as "exclusively made" by her.
    I got NO feedback from Etsy and she copied my work. very disappointed in the whole issue. I closed my store only to be told recently that I can't reopen it under a different shop name. Got any suggestions?

  4. what if you buy handmade crafts from others, in addition to some you  make your self. Where can you sell handmade items you buy overseas? I believe in supporting other craftsmen also. Thanks for  any info   😉

  5. I am not really sure how to do the sales and never did. With years of knitting, I created so many all kind of different designs, using the best quality products, to get to that point, that I am tutoring how to do one or the other technique and yet never tried to sell because of Etsy rools or Ebay market. I recently received the invitation from Amazon to apply for "handmade group" and was approved to join it. That will give me more eager to create more fashion, not thinking how to make more the same items, just to be known as a knitter. Awesome opportunity, but I would need your help to start it. Please let me know or guide me how to start it I need a personal tutor.

  6. Went to the link for the course and it didn't work. No problem … your language is so totally unprofessional. I've been working, selling, and buying online since 1996 and have never accessed a business site with foul language. My mistake.

  7. I just looked at Amazon handmade and it had the first few pages under cabochons all machine made. What are they doing calling it handmade?

  8. hi .. I have a question.. I have a Etsy shop and I'm thinking to have some stuff already to ship and some made to order. I just wanted to know how does it work if a customer wants a made to order and a ready to ship items do they have to pay 2 different shipping? I hope you understand the question….. thanks Jen

  9. i think h@a looses the value of handmade. packaging is a huge part…price and having it neatly organized if im looking for handmade.

    amazon is too big of a machine. it removes the feel of individuals.

    i preffer etsy for handmade

    also google searches are taylored to yoy so if you browse etsy more for those type of items theyll show etsy first

    also ill find it but etsy has a simmilar clause as amazon.

  10. Thank you for the great advice! Can I see the link that you mentioned where the seller took all of her stuff down from Handmade at Amazon because of the License conditions she read? Thank you 🙂

  11. don't forget if you get too big to qualify for amazon handmade you can become a regular seller on amazon so there is room to grow there also

  12. I was just approved for Homemade by Amazon. I had an individual seller account already. They are insisting that you upgrade to professional which means you have the 39.99 per month fee now. It does not appear to be waived. Just wondering if that money would be better spent on Facebook targeted advertising instead. Has anyone tried this?

  13. Spoiler alert: H@A is allowing chinese products that are handmade and not factory made. As per amazon description your hands have to create or alter products in your store and no kits allowed to put those items together.

  14. In terms of the prime shipping with H@A wouldn't that mean you are doing FBA to get this special shipping rate with Amazon brown box.

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