Hand-painted Batik Tablecloth

Hand-painted Batik Tablecloth

Mariel designs and paints her own colourful tablecloth.

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15 thoughts on “Hand-painted Batik Tablecloth

  1. Hi dear please guide me after creating the batic art what should we apply or spray or what ever so the print should stay on the cloth for ever…

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  3. I can remember creating Batik, years ago. Its always so amazing to see the final results and the slight imperfections which tell that the fabric was created by the hand of an artist. This is a great video which is well planned out and executed. I'm amazed you wore light colored clothing while working with the dyes and hot wax. You are one brave woman! Thank you for sharing this video with all of us.

  4. I love Batik. They use to sell them at the swapmeets in South Florida. It was big to wallcover instead of wallpaper. Then decorate around with lights, beads, other paint colors than white. I thought it was gorgeous. But really, I quickly learned… it's for those with a liberal taste for house decorating. Lolz. Nice video.

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